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Be your own BOSS – build your own BUSINESS; Don’t work for us, work for yourself with us by your side.

NationalLifeInsuranceCareer.com was founded in 2016 by successful entrepreneur and insurance salesman Chris Wright. We are an organization of independent agents. Equis Financial is our IMO. We believe in and encourage autonomy; thus, agents do not work for us, they work with us. There are no time clocks, cubicles, or quotas to be met. We want you to be as successful as you want to be. We want you to work as much or as little as you like. Most of all we want to help you by equipping you with the knowledge, support, and tools necessary to live your dream outside of a cubicle.

We allow independent agents to leverage our brand. Independent agents often lack exposure and marketing power outside of their warm market. We know that your warm market of prospects is a great place to start, but sooner or later you will run out of friends and family to sell to. We understand that to truly grow and sustain a successful business you must be able to reach beyond selling to just those who know you personally or depending solely off referrals. You must position yourself to be the hunted and not the hunter. You want people to look for you and be able to find you when they do. We make this possible.


To engage, enhance, and empower independent agents by providing them with the tools and resources that will enable them to have a successful and rewarding insurance business.


If you are going to work hard, work hard for yourself and not someone else. Work full time or part time. You are in control of your business. You can run it how you see fit.


We get you appointed with over 20 of the best carriers in the industry such as Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, Phoenix, Oxford, Royal Neighbors, and Ameritas just to name some.


We offer exclusive Mortgage Protection & Final Expense leads at cost for agents through our IMO. Leads are developed in house and never bought and resold. Our organization offers a free lead match program, for every policy sold we provide a free lead or set appointment.


Agents not only earn personal bonuses for production, but they can also earn equity bonus in which they can qualify to get a % of the entire IMO monthly earning.


Agents can earn between 70% to 120% commission. Agents do not earn below 70%.


  • In-house training modules
  • Video demonstrations
  • Podcasts


  • Weekly, conference calls
  • Agent concierge service
  • Group chats
  • Regional meeting
  • National convention


Be your own BOSS – build your own BUSINESS; Don’t work for us, work for yourself with us by your side.


If you are interested in joining our independent organization, after watching this video, contact us to see if we are a good fit and learn more about who we are looking for.





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Training | Student Support | Preparation

With NationalLifeInsuranceCareer.com, you can begin the process for your life insurance license today! Our partners at PreLicense.com provides all necessary study material and information to prepare you best to pass your insurance license exam. As a fully accredited provider of insurance pre-license education courses, PreLicense.com sees to it that you have all the tools you need to succeed. Register for a course to start the process today! Click register now to receive our special discounted rate.

Prospective agents who wish to join our organization, if you pass the exam within 4 weeks of purchase and accepted into our organization, NationalLifeInsuranceCareer.com will reimburse you the cost of your pre-license material.


Purchase the pre-license course, if you pass the exam within 4 weeks of purchasing the course and become a member of our organization then you will be re-reimbursed the cost of pre-license course.

Please Note: Manager Code are Case-Sensitive MB64f


We offer a full line of products that are sure to fit every person’s budget and need.


Discussing dying can be an emotional conversation. It is also an essential conversation. Proper planning is vital in alleviating some stress and this inevitably emotional and stressful time. The average cost of a funeral today ranges between $10,000 and $15,000. Many families do not have access to this amount in the unfortunate and often unforeseen event of death.

Final expense insurance has been specially designed to help people during such difficult times and can be obtained in varying coverage amounts, based upon individual needs and budget. Current health status does not affect one’s ability to secure a final expenses insurance and can be taken by anyone.


Our health is an important asset that needs to be protected. Critical illnesses can arise unexpectedly and medical insurance, called the Critical Illness insurance, can provide a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of any of the numerous critical conditions covered under this insurance plan.

Critical illnesses can create a financial pressure and this insurance can help ease that pressure. Contrary to most general medical insurances, a Critical illness insurance can level the gap and provide a great financial solution in case of any covered critical illness or condition that health insurance may not cover.

Health insurance covers the health issue, but Critical Illness Insurance can provide funds that will enable you to cover personal financial obligations while you are dealing with your illness. Certain criteria need to be met for an individual to be eligible for critical illness insurance.


In the case of a sickness or an injury that leaves a person unable to work, a disability insurance can help cover the financial needs. It replaces a portion of the income and can contribute to paying for the mortgage or other essential household expenditures. It relieves the financial pressure during difficult times and helps bring in security and protection.

Any disability cannot be foretold, and such insurance can help a person be mentally secure in the case of such an event. Worker’s compensation covers you if you are injured at work but will not cover you if the injury takes place outside of your employment. Disability Insurance provides coverage for injuries that occur unrelated to work. Certain specific criteria need to be met by an individual to be eligible for a disability insurance.


Term Life insurance is a lesser expensive option out of many life insurance products. Term Life provides coverage for a period often ranging between 10 years and 30 years. Once this period elapses then coverage must be re-purchased. If the insured should die in that time, then his/her beneficiary will receive the full coverage amount usually tax-free. If that insured lives up to the specified period, there are additional riders that can be attached to the policy allowing the insured to recoup 50% to 100% of the premium he/she has paid for that entire period.

A term life insurance policy can keep you and your family at ease for a particular term of time. Also referred to as “pure life insurance” a term life insurance policy is designed to take care of your dependents if you, unfortunately, pass at a younger age. If the worst should happen within the period of the term specified, your benefits will be paid out. Typically, standard coverage terms run for about 20 years but can range anywhere from 1 year to 20 years. Although you should always consult with an agent, the general rule of thumb is to choose a term life insurance policy that runs for as long as your beneficiaries will be dependent on you. For a term life insurance policy, some of the perks include the choice of policy length, relatively consistent low premiums, and a guaranteed payout amount.

Fortunately, term insurance is affordable, simple, and straightforward enough to understand! We make sure to choose a policy that fits you and your family’s needs perfectly. In short, you’re given the opportunity to only pay for what you need – and not what you don’t! It’s also important to be aware that term life insurance policies have maximum issue ages. If you’re above 75 years old, for example, you may have a harder time getting that sort of term life insurance policy. Note that you may be eligible for level term life insurance and even one-year term life insurance. Contact the professionals at National Life Insurance Solutions for all of your questions. National Life Insurance Solutions can help with your term life insurance policy consultations and more information today!


In the unfortunate event of a premature death, an equity indexed universal life insurance can provide financial benefits for the family, business associates, or any other beneficiary you desire.

It is a permanent life insurance that allows the flexibility to choose the coverage amount based on their individual preference of the premium amount to be paid. This can also be changed at any point in time. The death benefit is paid income tax-free, a significant advantage only available with life insurance. These can help provide for emergency needs.

Equity Index Universal Life insurance also allows cash value accumulation in addition to the death benefit. This cash value can be used as a living benefit by allowing the insured to access his cash value.


Post-retirement life deserves maximum comfort and security. With the help of annuities an individual can secure post-retirement life through savings, funds already saved, and also a regular flow of income. These are financial contracts between the owner and an insurance company, and most annuities allow for the addition of optional benefits too.

The payments made towards an annuity are tax-deferred and can be made in monthly payments or as a lump sum amount. It’s highly beneficial for pre-retired people.


Find answers to frequently asked questions.


We are not an IMO, our IMO is Equis Financial.


We are an organization of Independent Life Insurance Agents. Our mission is to engage, enhance, and empower independent agents by developing and broadening their skills, abilities, and knowledge in the process of building a successful insurance business.

Why shouldn't I just sign on directly with Equis Financial?

You absolutely can, in any case, you will have a upline. The President of NationalLifeInsuranceCareer.com is the organization’s upline. You will retain the right to create your own downline from day 1. You are your own boss in every way. You do not work for us, you work with us.

Why should I join NationalLifeInsuranceCareer.com?

Our commission scale, promotion guidelines are that in the same as Equis Financial. So you will receive all of the support, advantages, training, and access offered via Equis Financial. NationalLifeInsuranceCareer.com is a value added organization, wherein we focus on helping independent agents be to succeed. We do this by assisting with exposure and lead generation. We have created an Agent Directory so clients and prospects alike can find your online presence. Each agent has a dedicated page, with a request a quote form. This encourages the casual prospect who may be just browsing to fill out a form, in which you will receive in your email.

How do you assist with leads?

We understand that leads are every agent’s life line,  we also realize that many independent agents often have limited funds to purchase leads. We reward our agents with free leads as well as the option to purchase leads from us.

What if I do not have an insurance license?

We can help with that as well. If you are able to pass the exam within 4 weeks of purchasing your pre license material and accepted into our organization,  we will reimburse you the amount of the pre-license material.

Are you in my state?

Our aim is to be in all 50 states.

As a new agent, what is my starting commission?

New agents start earning 70% of their commission day 1. Agents as they grow their business will have the opportunity to earn up to 120% commission.

What types of polices do you write?

We write whole life, term life, Indexed Universal life and annuities. We specialize in simplified issue products, wherein the client does not need to take a physical or exam. Agents also can write fully underwritten policies if they are inclined.

Who are your carriers?

We have over 25 carriers and growing. Some of our carriers are Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Athene, Phoenix, Foresters, and Gerber.


Let us help you to begin your career in life insurance today!